About Us



Jane Maclure                               Rebecca Wilson
Collaboration for Change         Chief Illustrator
Yoga lover & Free Spirit            Yoga Teacher & Mum

 Yoga Will Save the World became a seedling of an idea in 2010 during Rebecca’s yoga teacher training. She would sketch little yogis in her notebooks to help her to remember sequences and poses. Other students started to commission her to draw for them and YWSTW was born.

 In 2018 Rebecca and Jane connected in the hope of expanding the business with new elements and ideas. Jane had spent the past 5 years living in Africa and was keen to broaden YWSTW's #yogabeyondthemat concept. And so, Collaboration for Change moved from a hope to reality.

Yoga will Save the World is collaborating with inspiring entrepreneurs and projects making a positive impact in their communities. We are proud to be associated with Jerry Bottle, Fashion by Angi and the Dolmar Ling Nunnery. 

Thank you to our incredible community who support our products and help spread the word that Yoga will Save the World.

Love Jane & Rebecca x