Yogamarcassin - My Mum

This one's a special one, it's Karen Wilson, my mum, there she is below look beautiful and glamorous holding a little grumpy butter ball me. She's why I started yoga. We're running a mother and daughter yoga retreat in Italy next year. Happy reading folks. x My name is Karen Mckeon Wilson, I am an artist, wife of Patrick and mother of Rebecca and Melanie. Most of my days I write lists of all the things I have to do and dream of doing and try to do some of both. If I am feeling naughty I like to drink a bottle of champagne with a girl friend and gossip about men, while sitting in Kensington Park watching the swans. If I am feeling nice, I like to cook special meals for people. Once upon a moment I went to my yoga class and I thought, I love everyone here, I love life, I love the trees outside, I love the yoga teacher .. so yoga became my preferred drug and addiction. One time during  alfresco yoga the wind changed and I was stuck in the rajakapotanasana pose for a couple of days, that will teach me to try to fly when not a pigeon. One day when I rule the world and it is law to eat truffles, sheep's cheese and lavender honey, I will also be able to drop back into the wheel, like my preferred yoga teacher. When you speak to me of yoga matters please refer to me by my super hero name of 'yogamarcassin' because, despite my years, I am still a beginner in this world. If I have one piece of advice for you it is this 'yoga will save the world'

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