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Writing about yoga and actually practicing yoga are two very different things. Or are they? Let’s see… Stand tall at the top of your mat, feet hip width apart, shoulders back. Take a long exhale. Inhale, lift your arms up above your head, palms touching, look at your thumbs. Exhale hinge forward from your hips, bend your knees and sit down. Inhale sit up straight, arms out and rest your fingertips on the keyboard. (Please don’t confuse this with my other article, Yoga Will Save the Piano. They are quite similar up to this point). Take five long breaths here. Focus your gaze on the screen. Activate your core. Activate your root lock. Try to find a connection between the two. Let your mind wander to the tube strike and how packed the train was this morning. Nightmare. Bring your focus back to the screen. Inhale and stand up tall. Exhale walk to fridge. Inhale open wine. Exhale pour a glass. Take a sip. That’s better. Back to chair. Breathing through your nose, let your fingers fly over the keyboard. Notice the tapping sound. Don’t forget about your feet resting firmly on the floor. Take five long breaths here. Inhale reach your left arm over to pick up your glass. Exhale take a sip of wine. Inhale gaze at screen. Exhale watch pencil roll off table. Inhale raise your right arm up above your head. Exhale lean over to the floor and gracefully pick up your pencil. Inhale hold it here for a minute. Exhale keep your balance. Inhale remember your locks. Exhale windmill your arms back to centre. Stand up. Wipe up wine. And jump through to seated. Sitting up tall, bring your right arm up and over the back of the chair and turn to the right. Feel a nice spinal twist coming up your back. Inhale sit up tall, exhale twist further to your right. Looking over your right shoulder, take note of the fridge. Think about dinner. Repeat on the left side. Inhale sit up tall, exhale twist around to your left. Look over your left shoulder. Remember to change the kitty litter. Come back to centre. Quickly check email. No new messages. Inhale and reach both arms out in front of you. Firmly hold your laptop in your left hand and the wine glass in your right hand. Straighten your legs and stand up. Walk to sofa. Sit down and put your feet up. Lean back. Let your legs feel heavy and feel your body sinking into the soft cushions. Close your eyes. Notice your breath. Feel your whole body start to relax. Relax your face and your jaw. Breathe. Let your mind and body totally relax. Re-lax. Suddenly wake up with a jolt. Wipe wine off keyboard. Pick up pencil. Sit up straight. Inhale deeply. Exhale and bring your hands into prayer. Namaste. Yoga Will Save the Blog.

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