Lenny Kennedy - Yoga Lilly

Hello, I’m Leonora (Lenny) Kennedy,

Most of my days I row, coach rowing and study psychology.

If I’m feeling naughty I love to have a sneaky glass of wine.

If I’m feeling nice I love to bake cookies, cakes, bread….just get baking in general.

Once upon a moment I went to my yoga class and I thought ‘one day I want to be a yoga teacher’.

One time, during alfresco yoga the wind changed and I was stuck in a headstand for a couple of days. That will teach me.

One day, when I rule the world and it is law to eat breakfast (cereal, muesli, yoghurt, fruit, eggy bread, bacon, maple syrup, blueberry pancakes…anything breakfast related) all the live long day I will also be able to hanumanasa (the splits).

When you speak to me of yoga matters please refer to me by my yoga super hero name of Yoga Lily.

If I have one piece of yoga advice for you it’s this: Enjoy the feeling and keep trying, if you are willing enough and keep trying you will move forward with your practice.

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