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Kat Brown and Rachel Crean in Nepal

My friends and Wonder Women Kat Brown and Rachel Crean in Nepal. They have just finished a 2 week bike ride in the Nepalese mountains. They now have thighs and buns of steel and have heard many prayer flags flutter dreams across the skies as they slept at night. Of course they whipped out some mountain top yoga poses and Miss Crean did her best to wear her Yoga Will Save the World top in every single photo.

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Loulou in Hong Kong

Here my beautiful friend Loulou in Hong Kong sporting a Yoga Will Save the World Vest. In 2002 we lived in Paris together near the Moulin Rouge, we yoga-ed daily at Caroline Boulinguez' Samasthiti Studio near Bastille. It was the first studio I taught at. When we weren't yoga-ing we were drinking wine in cafes. They were fine times.

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Hanging On The Beach

Hello, I'm in Australia still yoga-ing, still working on my handstands and my website. I am going to post some pictures this week of the lovely things I'll be selling there and hopefully by the end of the week the website will be up. For now here are some photos of a hand standing man on the beach I took last week for your viewing pleasures.    

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