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Yoga at Danyfan, Brecon, Wales

I have just come back from teaching yoga at Emma, Stevie and new addition baby Rosie's, beautiful B&B in Brecon.Mornings were all about yoga in the sunny conservatory and Emma's delicious post yoga brownies. Afternoons were filled with Gemma and Katie marathon training along the canals, coach Shelly biking along side providing them with gels, waters and stories and Ross and myself attempting to run up to Penyfan where the views are astounding and snow fell.One afternoon Stevie gave us a baking class. With Stevie's patience and wizardry bakery skills we learnt how to make sourdough, pizza bases, focaccia, buns,...

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Hanging On The Beach

Hello, I'm in Australia still yoga-ing, still working on my handstands and my website. I am going to post some pictures this week of the lovely things I'll be selling there and hopefully by the end of the week the website will be up. For now here are some photos of a hand standing man on the beach I took last week for your viewing pleasures.    

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Where in the World? Byron Bay, Australia

Ross Cameron didn't even know he could yoga and yet here he is striking old hasta padangusthasana. Where is he? Well that's Captain Cook, you may peak a mermaid tail and just out of sight is a lighthouse.

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