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Prints for sale (or: When things don't work as expected)

Hello, I am having some website dramas, please don't visit there right now. All sorts of chaos is going on there, things are not working as expected. While we're all patiently waiting I thought I'd release some prints for sale pre-proper-website launch. I have printed on A3 160gsm card 4 of my designs. There are 3 of each and these are £15 each (excluding P&P). If you would like to nab yourself one drop me an email quick at The prints are: Back to back: Love:   8 Open Hearts Ohm

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Beers and the Lotus

Way back in the hazy lazy summer days 0f 2010 these photos were taken by Victoria Swainson, staring Morgan Todd modelling a Yoga Will Save the World vest and Art Directed by Kathryn Ryan. It's occurred to me they've been patiently waiting strut their stuff. So, below, beautifully framed is a sequence of 4 of Beers and the Lotus. More to be exhibited very soon... Eyes - enjoy. x

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