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2015 Calendars, YWSTW Canada and New Goodies

Hi, An overdue and much needed post! 2015 Calendars The last EVER! batch of Yoga Will Save the World calendars are still availbale to buy online: New goodies: New hoodies, long sleeve tees and short sleeve tees (these beauties are made from 100% recycled fabric). Also available at modelled by one of my favourite teachers here in London Lolo Lam. YWSTW Canada New designs soon to be printed for the YWSTW Canada collection run by my yogi partner in crime Meghan. One cloud yogi who may grace some tees here... That's all for this post. I'm off to meet Nancy...

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*POOF* went the vests

All the Yoga Will Save the World vests have sold out. One is in France being worn by an artist sitting in French cafes drawing. One is winging it's way to the sunny shores of Australia to be worn a dancing lady with three of the most gorgeous children. 2 boxes of vests and hoodies have hopped over the channel to prance down the Champs Elysees. In London along the shores of the Thames you may see them on an actress, on rowers and coxes, on a writer who goes by the name of Panther, on crazy London cyclists and on...

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My friend and illustrator Laurie Hastings

Laurie Hastings is one of my bestest of friends. She is also a wonderful illustrator. You can see her talent on her site. She went to Chelsea College of Art and Design and then to Edinburgh Art College and her amazing-ness just grew. Some of the things Laurie loves: Hot dogs and dead dogs (the chocolate version), her sisters Chloe and Georgia, dancing to Walking on Sunshine and laughing like a banshee. Laurie has created 30 limited edition screen prints in black and gold of a Yogi Goddess. You can buy them here or pop them on your Christmas list and work...

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