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The honourable Sally by Sally

Hello, I’m Sally Whelan Most of my days I pretend that I have a number of jobs, when really, I just lounge about on the beach in Byron Bay all day limbering up in a very yogic fashion and collecting bugs for my next jewellery collection…. If I’m feeling naughty I love to eat copious amounts of liquorice and listen to Madelene Peroux, while lounging around in the nude. If I’m feeling nice I love to cook ridiculous amounts of healthy food for my friends. Once upon a moment I went to my yoga class and I thought I wonder...

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Where in the World? Byron Bay, Australia

Ross Cameron didn't even know he could yoga and yet here he is striking old hasta padangusthasana. Where is he? Well that's Captain Cook, you may peak a mermaid tail and just out of sight is a lighthouse.

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Byron Bay Beach Bag

Byron Bay, eastern most point of Australia. Where Dolphins prance, rogue waves take out unsuspecting sunbathers and beach-fire-marshmallow-roasting is a fine and delicate art. Thank you to Sam teaching at Dena and Jack's Byron Bay Yoga Shala. Apologies about the sweat. Thank you to Rachael Jones and Luke Yeaman of the Raven Makers. I will take my percussion responsibilities more seriously next time.

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