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*POOF* went the vests

All the Yoga Will Save the World vests have sold out. One is in France being worn by an artist sitting in French cafes drawing. One is winging it's way to the sunny shores of Australia to be worn a dancing lady with three of the most gorgeous children. 2 boxes of vests and hoodies have hopped over the channel to prance down the Champs Elysees. In London along the shores of the Thames you may see them on an actress, on rowers and coxes, on a writer who goes by the name of Panther, on crazy London cyclists and on...

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Hanging On The Beach

Hello, I'm in Australia still yoga-ing, still working on my handstands and my website. I am going to post some pictures this week of the lovely things I'll be selling there and hopefully by the end of the week the website will be up. For now here are some photos of a hand standing man on the beach I took last week for your viewing pleasures.    

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The honourable Sally by Sally

Hello, I’m Sally Whelan Most of my days I pretend that I have a number of jobs, when really, I just lounge about on the beach in Byron Bay all day limbering up in a very yogic fashion and collecting bugs for my next jewellery collection…. If I’m feeling naughty I love to eat copious amounts of liquorice and listen to Madelene Peroux, while lounging around in the nude. If I’m feeling nice I love to cook ridiculous amounts of healthy food for my friends. Once upon a moment I went to my yoga class and I thought I wonder...

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