A Yogi Bombshell

Here is a the forever sexy Marilyn Monroe doing her yoga practice. A lady called Indra Devi taught Marilyn, Greta Garbo and Elizabeth Arden yoga in Hollywood in the 40's. Indra was born in pre-soviet Latvia and was a friend of the Mysore royal family. After she saw one of Krishnamacharya's yoga demonstrations she asked him to teach her. He refused at first as she was both a woman and a westerner. Tsk. Indra persisted and Krishnamacharya relented. Devi founded the first school of yoga in Shanghai, China, where Madame Chiang Kai-Shek became her student. By convincing Soviet leaders that yoga was not a religion, she also opened the doors to yoga in the Soviet Union, where it had been illegal. In 1947 she moved to the United States. Living in Hollywood, she became known as the "First Lady of Yoga".

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