They Call Me Cheeky Chaturanga: Lucky Lotus

Yoga Will Save the World is here with cheeky and playful dating profiles for yoga poses with fun inspired illustrations Introducing - Lucky Lotus Age:  I have the hips of a 21 year addicted to cod liver oil and I have always likened myself to a young Buddha, except I have better hair and am a little naughty. From: To visit where I am from would mean a wonderful return to the Yangtze River in China. Amongst the ancient water towns, the imperial gardens, the beautifully crafted pagodas and the bustling city of Shanghai I was practiced up and down the river until it was time to pack up the picnic and share the love. About me: In my time I have been referred to as the ultimate hip opener! I am a classic pose and in Buddhism the lotus flower symbolizes faithfulness. I am always faithful apart from the time when Foxy Firefly and I had a bit of fling at a charity yoga class in Panda City.  To be honest, it was over before I could uncross my legs. Would like to meet:   Precious Peacock and her slightly racy sister Low Lunge. Ideal match:  The magnetic  and bewitching Goddess Kurukalla also known as Red Tara. Her mantra is believed, if repeated, ten thousand times, to bring about all of one’s desires.  I am on number 45 as I got distracted by Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Dinners.  Om Kurukulle hri svaha! That is number 46! It could be a long wait! Looking for:  Some poses can only be loved from a distance. Not me! I would love to be smothered by the Fortunate Forward Bend or the Prosperous Plough. Turn-ons:  Making your own luck - You can depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit. Turn-offs:  Sitting with a Magic Pearl Qiong between my thighs. Ideal First date: Join me amongst the stunning stones carving and ancient trees at the Lingering Gardens in Shanghai for some exquisite hip opening: We shall create our own nirvana and have dumplings afterwards. Best friend:  As Confucius once told me when we were on the swings in the park (the big one, near Tescos) “In the end there are three things that last: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love. He also said that that were three things that do not last and they are IKEA Furniture, underwear from Primark and a tenner on the London Underground. Recent Crush: Pssst Auspicious Anantasana. Write! We’ll go out, you’ll love it! Favourite song:  “I should be so lucky” - Kylie This time next year I will have run away to the Chinese State Circus with the Year of the Rabbit Namaste, yoga will save the world

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