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They Call Me Cheeky Chaturanga: Lucky Lotus

lucky lotus Rebecca Wilson shelly donaghy The Call Me Cheeky Chaturanga they call me cheeky chaturanga

Yoga Will Save the World is here with cheeky and playful dating profiles for yoga poses with fun inspired illustrations Introducing - Lucky Lotus Age:  I have the hips of a 21 year addicted to cod liver oil and I have always likened myself to a young Buddha, except I have better hair and am a little naughty. From: To visit where I am from would mean a wonderful return to the Yangtze River in China. Amongst the ancient water towns, the imperial gardens, the beautifully crafted pagodas and the bustling city of Shanghai I was practiced up and down the river until it was time to pack up the picnic and share the love. About me: In my time I have been referred to as the ultimate hip opener! I am a classic pose and in Buddhism the lotus flower symbolizes faithfulness. I am always faithful apart from the time when Foxy Firefly and I had a bit of fling at a charity yoga class in Panda City.  To be honest, it was over before I could uncross my legs. Would like to meet:   Precious Peacock and her slightly racy sister Low Lunge. Ideal match:  The magnetic  and bewitching Goddess Kurukalla also known as Red Tara. Her mantra is believed, if repeated, ten thousand times, to bring about all of one’s desires.  I am on number 45 as I got distracted by Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Dinners.  Om Kurukulle hri svaha! That is number 46! It could be a long wait! Looking for:  Some poses can only be loved from a distance. Not me! I would love to be smothered by the Fortunate Forward Bend or the Prosperous Plough. Turn-ons:  Making your own luck - You can depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit. Turn-offs:  Sitting with a Magic Pearl Qiong between my thighs. Ideal First date: Join me amongst the stunning stones carving and ancient trees at the Lingering Gardens in Shanghai for some exquisite hip opening: We shall create our own nirvana and have dumplings afterwards. Best friend:  As Confucius once told me when we were on the swings in the park (the big one, near Tescos) “In the end there are three things that last: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love. He also said that that were three things that do not last and they are IKEA Furniture, underwear from Primark and a tenner on the London Underground. Recent Crush: Pssst Auspicious Anantasana. Write! We’ll go out, you’ll love it! Favourite song:  “I should be so lucky” - Kylie This time next year I will have run away to the Chinese State Circus with the Year of the Rabbit Namaste, yoga will save the world

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