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They Call Me Cheeky Chaturanga: Poetic Peacock

precious peacock Rebecca Wilson shelly donaghy The Call Me Cheeky Chaturanga they call me cheeky chaturanga yoga will save the world

Yoga Will Save the World is here with cheeky and playful dating profiles for yoga poses with fun inspired illustrations   Introducing - Poetic Peacock Age:  How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? From: I am from Thrissur in India and we host the most colorful temple festival in the world with grand processions of gold adorned elephants ridden by priests carrying bright  multi-coloured silk parasols and peacock feathers.  Our Vadakkunathan Temple hosts a bit of an all-nighter with some serious dancing and a blaze of fireworks to end the evening. Visit ticketmaster.com for more information. About me:  I liken my soul to Prana which fills me with vital energy and life and my underwear to be Prada which fills me with vital delight and gorgeous pants. Would like to meet:  Handsome Headstand, don’t tell anyone, but meet me at sunrise on corner of the Achyutaraya Temple. We can spend the day posing in the morning mist amongst the forgotten shrines and deciphering mythological freezes. Then we can get chips and pea fritters. Ideal match:  An inferno of colour erupts and the dancing bells start ringing every time I catch sight of Sexy Savasansa. They are the ying to my yang, the ping to my pong  and the sea salt with crushed black peppercorns to my sweet chilli. Looking for: The Goddess Kerala, who through the night and into the early hours, to the sound of the drumming and cymbal rhythms, twists and spins her way through an array of poses by firelight.  Her silver anklets and charm bracelets keeping a continuous beat to the drumming and lyrical chants. Turn-ons:  The Thar Desert by moonlight followed by a Mr Whippy 99er Turn-offs:  Dating websites Ideal First date:  Romantically paddling down the Ganges River in the ‘City of Light’ just before sunrise. It might whiff a little and there will be lots of hawkers selling tea towels but with some strategic dabbing of the vics-vapour rub all should be well. Best friend:  The rumors about Mischievous Monkey and I are not quite exact. It is not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on. Recent Crush: Witty Warrior - No one loves you more than me. No one. Favourite song:  Hot Legs by Rod Stewart This time next year I will be starring in a Bollywood film at the Mumbai Metro. It is a cross between  Gandhi meets Top Gun meets London Transport. Namaste, yoga will save the world Peacock Postscript. If you would like to read more of the "Cheeky" dating profiles scroll back up,  glance slightly to your right and on the side bar is a link that once clicked all will appear. It is not quite like rubbing the Genie's lamp but you never know!

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