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The Call Me Cheeky Chaturanga: Foxy Firefly

foxy firefly Rebecca Wilson shelly donaghy The Call Me Cheeky Chaturanga they call me cheeky chaturanga yoga will save the world

Yoga Will Save the World is here with cheeky and playful dating profiles for yoga poses with fun inspired illustrations. Age: Getting a date when you say you are two thousand years old is hard so I am going to say I am 26 years old and whilst not socially great I have tremendous buttocks. From: I am from a family of advanced poses and I am stronger than a triple espresso with a biscotti biscuit chaser. About me: They say you are what you stretch: I'm six squats, four forward bends, two arm balances and - since I had a rub of deep heat this afternoon- a pelvic thrust and a 180 degree leg stretch. Would like to meet:  I would like to meet someone who has the charisma of Charming Cobra, the vision on Vivacious Vinyasa and the bosoms of Dolly Parton. Ideal Match: I am Mr Firefly you are Ms Goddess, your parents are Mr and Mrs Sun Salutation and your brother is Mr Big ' Don't Muck About With My Sister ' Toe Pose. Looking For:  Mountain Pose I would like you to love me until my hearts stops or I get cramp- whichever comes first. Turn-ons: Yoga Provocateur knickers Turn-offs: The Yoga Census. Recent Crush: I am just a Firefly squatting in front of a Lotus asking her to love him. Ideal date: If we hit it off and embark on a serious relationship I will treat you to a beautiful feast of cheesy strings and organic Cherry Tango. Favourite song.  “Feet in the Clouds” – Paul McCartney Best friend:  Mudita Bhavana, they always help me understand that taking delight and joy in the good fortune of others helps us create more happiness for ourselves. This time next year I will be increasing my flexibility and releasing some tension with Garland Pose. Namaste, yoga will save the world P to the s: Check out the handy new sidebar on le blog to read the other Cheeky posts or to join the facebook page. x

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