They Call Me Cheeky Chaturanga: Vivacious Vinyasa

“They call me cheeky Chaturanga” Introducing – Vivacious Vinyasa Age An optimistic two thousand years old. My exact birth date was lost with some other ancient manuscripts and the manual for the microwave. However, I had a make-over in the Halcyon Days of the 1930's and been having a ball since. From I was born under the third tree from the left on Mount Kailash in the Himalayas. I have been told when I was born, the wind, who had just blown in from the east, stood up and whistled with joy or perhaps that was the day they got the bonus ball on the lottery.  I then swept my way to Mysore, India, to be with my good pal Pattabhi Jois. What a great guy; he took me in and showed me the world- what an amazing trip we’ve had. About me I have been told I am high-spirited and forward-looking.  My hands are always firmly planted on the ground as I gaze ahead and glide through life. I try not to hesitate to often as it stops me achieving my goals. Would like to meet Crow. I cannot guarantee you will fall in love with me but I can promise that I will show you the best leg movements you have ever seen! Ideal match I was voted ‘Hips of Hampstead’ and you were voted ‘Bum of Bournemouth’. What a weekend that was! Same time next year? Looking for A one-night practice with Easy Pose. Turn-ons High hips and shiny floors. Turn-offs The last five poses (you know who you are) in reply to my column have all said their hobbies are touching their toes with their nose.  Steady up there tigers– even Dolly Parton would be stretched to make a love song out of that lot. Recent Crush Crane, whatever you think, it is not you! Please move on, it has been three years already. Ideal First date An evening at a 'Yoga will save the world' class. I might be a little nervous at first but I've heard excellent introductions are made there. Legs crossed - this is not what you think (naughty) it is part of the pose! Best friend Peacock: He likes to show off what he calls his Pungu Mayurasana (don’t worry; he doesn’t need a cream for that). I call it a one armed push up with legs in the air. He is single and it is good not to mistake his boldness for arrogance. Favourite song “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas This time next year I will be... Creating an abundance of internal heat with Sun Salutation A. Ssshhh, don't tell Sun Salutation B. Namaste, yoga will save the world. Want to read more about the Cheeky Chaturanga series? Find the introduction here and Sexy Savasana's profile right here.  Thanks. x

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