They Call Me Cheeky Chaturanga: Sexy Savasana

Introducing - Corpse Pose aka Sexy Savasana Age: Very old, bordering ancient. Good posture though. From: I was born in a four room cave in Tibet. We moved to China when I was little and I have spent a fair bit of time in India. I am often seen on the beaches of Goa and Sydney, and in the studios of Putney. Vital Statistics: I spend a lot of time lying down, living life in a relaxed way. Eyes closed, palms up, no fidgeting. Would like to meet: Guru: a spiritually enlightened soul who can dispel darkness and ignorance from your mind and enlighten your consciousness. If he is not free then Caleb from the Kings of Leon will do. Ideal Match: Headstand – opposites do attract! Looking for: A long term relationship: I am not as easy as I look, however, once I am relaxed I'd love to stay around and get to know you. Turn ons: Inner silence Turn offs: Itchy foreheads and drafty doors Recent Crush: I have memorised every pose that Warrior have ever done.  That is not stalking. The judge did stay to stop, but a few more times and the wall collage, in dedication, will be complete. I heart Warrior. Ideal first date: A warm hut half way up the Hindu Kush.  Kettle on, ginger snaps waiting. Favourite song: ‘Relax’- Frankie goes to Hollywood Who is on your speed dial: Kati Chakrasana who often goes by the nickname of the Waist Rotating Pose. Always up for dancing and won a red rosette in the ashtanga hula hooping contest. In five years time I will be… lying on a beach near Melbourne. Namaste, yoga will save the world.

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