The Panther

Hello, I am Shelly Donaghy Most of my days I spend trying to give students the best and most useful  time they can have at university. I do this by organising myself with neon post it notes and extra large paperclips. If I am feeling naughty I love to be as tricky as a drunken game of twister, as elusive as the pink panther and as mischievous as The Cheshire Cat. If I am feeling nice I like to tell a dozen dodgy stories, buy friends knickerbocker glories for dinner whilst showing off my dazzling twenty pence piece trick. Once upon a time I went to my yoga class and I felt that  I was wearing a head band of glow sticks and  vest of strawberry Bon bons such was my excitement to have made it from east London on time and that I was about to get into all sorts of trouble in a downward dog, a flighty crow and a backward camel. One time, during alfresco yoga the wind changed and I was stuck in the compost wheelie bin for a couple of days. That will teach me. One day, when I rule the world and it is law to eat banoffe pie all live long day I will also be able to savasana like I was free as Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and I also won't fidget. When you speak of yoga matters please refer to me as Panther. I am pleased to say a German brand of bikes must have been recently named after me; they are a smashing blue colour if you fancy one. I was going to borrow some words from Mahatma Gandhi to give you my piece of yoga advice but he never had the chance to say; " accessorise with all things yoga will save the world, because if  you don't have a super power name yet, once you  put on first vest it will come to you like dancing does after a bottle of wine and a cheeky sambuca shot" and neither did he say; " once you have found the delight that is yoga and ywstw you will realise that have found something you can take with you everywhere and happy thoughts that yoga helps create will come to you when you are sat on the central line"  he did say lots of other good things one of which is;  " Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever". So that is a piece of advice, a rambling and a quote. Bargain

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